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Sports Athlete Training

Join our year-round training programs that cater to athletes in a wide variety of individual or team sports. We work with all ages (10+) & abilities to help improve athletic skills.​ Training Includes: Strength and Conditioning, teaching proper speed mechanics, improving vertical jump and overall athleticism,  flexibility. and mobility exercises to prevent injuries. We believe in a strength foundation, with an emphasis on being fast, quick, explosive and mobile.

 Basketball - Baseball - Football - Soccer - Volleyball - Softball - Lacrosse - Hockey
Quickness Training
Hand-Eye Coordination 
Vertical Jump
Athlete Training Pricing


Goup Training                              $197/mo.​ per athlete

One-on-One Training                  $75/session 

We train full club/school teams too, from middle to high school age! 

Team pricing and hourly rate available upon request

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