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Common Eating Mistakes to Avoid

1. Eating too Much Protein - eating the necessary amount of protein a day is good for your body, but too much can just end up being stored as fat. A good rule to follow is to eat .75 grams of your body weight. But a bit more on days you do resistance training.

2. Eating Beyond Feeling Full - meals are both nutritional and a social activity. To avoid overeating try and so down and eat like the Europeans - take your time, enjoy the flavors, sip on water and wait for the 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full.

3. Don't Skip Breakfast - what's the saying - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps jumpstart your metabolism, lose pounds, and cut cravings. Try whole grains and proteins to stay full all morning, just avoid the juice as it's high in sugar and can increase cravings later in the day.

4. Snacking All Day or Late at Night - filling up on chips and sugar throughout the day is not only a bunch of empty calories - it also messes with your metabolism. Instead of snacking, get up and move around, get your energy from getting your circulation moving again. If you do need a snack, choose something high in protein.

5. Eating Out Too Much - Even when you eat healthy food at a restaurant, most people still tend to eat bigger portions and higher calorie meals. Avoid the "free food" too - bread baskets, chips and salsa, etc. Cook at home more than you eat out and keep eating out for special occasions.

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