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Talk with the Trainer - Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson (ACE - CPT, IYCA - SAS) is the owner and head trainer at The Fitness Edge, located in Lafayette, CO. Scott is a certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise and a Speed and Agility Specialist through International Youth Conditioning Association. Scott is passionate about creating effective and challenging workouts, and helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Scott Johnson,  ACE - CPT, IYCA - SAS

What do you like most about being a trainer?

The people! When I first became a trainer, I thought my main focus was to teach people proper form and run them through several exercises, but as time passed I realized that even though proper form and effective exercise were part of my job description, building a relationship and getting to know your client was much more valuable, and fun.

What are your five best tips/advice for your clients?

Ohhhh so many! First, never miss a Monday, EVER (even if there's a fire). Two, the best time to workout is the time when you least want to. Third, if you have a bad day or miss a workout, or eat bad, or drink 7 bottles of wine, tomorrow is a new day. Get right back on track with life and your goals. Four, drink more water. Five, foam rolling, massage, stretching and other recovery techniques are just as or more important than a workout. Recover more.

Tell us about yourself - what are your interests/hobbies?

I love sports, especially football and baseball. Still play flag football and softball on a regular basis. I'm a kid at heart. If you're around my brothers and I, since we were kids, and still to this day, we're coming up with crazy, fun, competitive made-up games to play.

The absolute main reason I got into fitness is: Eating healthy majority of the time and exercising literally makes everything else in life better.

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